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Unusual Fred Lane Reviews

Every once and awhile one of these reviews pop up on the desk in my office. Credits for this find go to Gruber Hutch - one fantastical secretary (is it that day yet?) Here it is:

'Favorite Underrated Albums' as seen on

Rich Dubrey.

Escort service owner. Latham, NY.

   2. Lane. Image Rev. Fred Lane and his Hittite Hotshots - "Car Radio Jerome." This is the only priest I'll go to confession with.....with a dry Bombay Saphire martini in one hand and a velvet Elvis pocket pic in the other. "French Toast Man" is a fractured tale of nothingness that induces visions of Alice In Wonderland.

The entire album is too damned good. If you don't own this you don't exist. You think your parents hated when you cranked up that Ramones album in your room? Crank up the Reverend and really drive them nuts. They will denounce jazz music for ever.

Underrated again because of it's non-genre specific identity and the fact that the band seemed to be a studio mystery. No real names were ever credited on the album. A true mystery and a true gem that will live on forever. Buy several copies in case you wear them out. Bring a CD to a party and slip it in someone's file right between their Labouche CD and their Jennifer Lopez CD. That'll fix em for that lame party they threw.

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Re: Unusual Fred Lane Reviews

They must be smoking some great hay in Albany!

   Or Latham! Bucksville?

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my name is Milk, buddy!
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